Beyond Implementation: Partnering with for Success

Tania Benade-Meyer


17 Apr 24


2 minutes

Beyond Implementation: Partnering with for Success

At, a proud gold partner of, we are dedicated to enhancing the way businesses manage their workflows, collaborate across teams and achieve their goals. Our specialised implementation process is designed to be seamless, efficient and customised to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Our Proven Implementation Process


Our implementation journey is crafted to ensure a smooth transition and effective adoption of within any organisation, empowering businesses to be fully integrated within 5-6 weeks. Here's how we do it: 

  • Pre-Scoping Questionnaire and Documentation Submission: The purpose of this initial phase is to understand our clients’ unique business needs and challenges. The submission of relevant documentation also helps us to tailor the implementation process. 
  • Schedule Sprint: We plan a sprint schedule that aligns with our clients’ timelines and sets the stage for a structured project. 
  • Internal Kick-off Meeting: Our team discusses the project in detail, ensuring everyone is aligned before having the kick-off meeting with a client. 
  • Client Kick-off Meeting: This meeting introduces the client to their dedicated team who outlines the project timeline and sets clear expectations for the partnership. 
  • First Scoping Call: We delve into the specifics of our clients’ businesses to understand their workflows, processes and system requirements, ensuring our solutions are perfectly aligned with their needs.
  • Second Scoping Call: This follow-up session is intended to refine requirements, address any new insights and finalise the scope of the implementation.
  • Internal Handover: A thorough transition from the scoping phase to the technical team ensures no detail is overlooked as we move to implementation. 
  • Implementation: Our certified experts begin configuring and customising to fit our clients’ businesses perfectly. 
  • Internal QA: We conduct an industry-standard quality assurance process internally, testing every aspect of the setup to ensure flawless operation.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Clients have the opportunity to test the configured system in a real-world scenario, ensuring it meets expectations and is ready for company-wide rollout.
  • Project Sign-off: Once the project is signed-off, we officially conclude the implementation phase, marking the beginning of a new era of productivity for your team.
  • Training: We provide comprehensive training to ensure our clients’ team is fully equipped to leverage to its full potential, encouraging adoption and ensuring a smooth transition.


Choosing as your implementation partner gives you expert guidance on optimising for your specific needs and processes. Once we understand our clients’ unique objectives and challenges, we tailor our solutions and integration with existing systems, ensuring minimal, if any, disruption to business operations. From the initial scoping to post-implementation training, our team is on stand-by for ongoing support and guidance. 


At, we're more than just implementers; we're strategic partners in harnessing the full potential of to elevate any business. Are you ready to transform the way you work? Contact us and let's embark on this journey together.