Organise and Enhance Your NGO

Maximise your impact with our effective donor and fundraising management tool

  • Donor Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Fundraising and Campaign Planning
  • Third-party Software Integration Capabilities
NGO-in-a-box NGO-in-a-box


Revolutionise the way your NGO operates with our unique and customisable solution. With NGO-in-a-Box, we help you streamline your donor management, fundraising and campaign planning in order to enhance your outreach efforts. Our seamless software integrations and task automation ensure your resources are used optimally. Additionally, advanced reporting and analytics provide insightful data that will inform your future strategic decisions, empowering you to achieve greater impact with less effort. 

  • Donor management and engagement
  • Fundraising tools and tracking
  • Actionable reporting and analytics
  • Seamless third-party software integration
  • Secure platform that protects organisational and donor information
  • HR module for employee and volunteer management
  • Finance module for monitoring expenditure 
  • Training and dedicated support for NGO-in-a-Box


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