Transforming Small Businesses: The ERP Advantage

Tania Benade-Meyer


10 Apr 24

Transforming Small Businesses: The ERP Advantage

According to national statistics from 2023, there are 5.51 million small businesses in the UK and they make up 99.2% of the private sector population. These vital players in the economy contribute to 48% of total employment, equating to approximately 13.1 million jobs. Despite their significant presence, small businesses face considerable challenges, notably in employee retention and adopting new technology, as highlighted by research from  

Traditionally, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were perceived as tools exclusive to larger corporations, due to associated complexity and cost. However, in the digital transformation era, this system is not only accessible but also essential in tackling the issues facing small businesses. In particular, small businesses in e-commerce often resort to manually managing inventory, forecasting and business-to-business (B2B) orders, which can prove to be a real headache. An ERP system consolidates various business processes into a single, streamlined, automated framework, enhancing efficiency, collaboration and operational oversight.

This is where can help to alleviate some of the pressure being felt by small businesses by building a customised ERP using


Empowering employee retention


Employee retention is a multifaceted challenge where job satisfaction, engagement and opportunities for professional growth are important. Here’s how an ERP in, customised by, can make a difference: 

  • Increasing engagement by centralising project management, resource allocation and communication, making employees feel connected and motivated. 
  • Promoting professional growth with a diverse set of tools that support skills development and career progression. 
  • Enhancing recognition with easy tracking of the team’s contributions and achievements, increasing job satisfaction and loyalty.


Easing new technology adoption fears


Hesitancy towards new technology often stems from fears of complexity, disruption of familiar routines and concerns about associated costs. Here’s how an ERP in, customised by, can address these concerns:

  • Ensuring user-friendliness with customisable and intuitive dashboards, designed to be easy to use and improve efficiency across the board.
  • Receiving comprehensive support through that is tailored to your business needs, ensuring a smooth transition and quickly realised tangible benefits.  
  • Maximising ROI by starting with the essentials and scaling solutions as the business grows.  


By partnering with us, small businesses can navigate their challenges more effectively, leveraging a customised ERP system to pave the way for growth and resilience in the ever-evolving business landscape.